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ANAX Developments is a proud member of a visionary ANAX holding company, orchestrating excellence in hospitality, real estate development, and media. 

ANAX Developments

Anchored in a strategic investment approach, we adhere to sound principles that guide our decisions, ensuring prudent and sustainable growth. Our customer focus is paramount, with a dedication to understanding and meeting the unique needs of each client. By harmonizing these elements, we not only navigate the intricacies of the financial landscape but also cultivate enduring relationships, solidifying our position as a trusted partner in the journey to financial success.

Our brand narrative unfolds as a harmonious blend of passion, skillful craftsmanship, and groundbreaking innovation. Rather than merely constructing properties, we aspire to breathe life into dreams and aspirations, shaping them into tangible reality. Each home crafted by Elegance is a vibrant canvas, an artistic manifestation, and a living testament to our unwavering dedication to redefining the concept of affordable luxury.

We’re resolute in providing unsurpassed services and a living experience that defines the essence of affordable luxury, setting the stage for your success and ours. 

Chairman Message

I am honored to lead a dynamic organization that thrives on a strategic investment approach and steadfast principles. Our unwavering commitment to customer focus is the cornerstone of our success. We navigate the diverse landscape of our ventures with precision, cultivating enduring relationships and ensuring sustained growth. Together, we are shaping a future where excellence and dedication converge for the benefit of all. 

Mr. Satish Sanpal



We strive to redefine the future of real estate, setting unprecedented standards for modern living. Our commitment to innovation, quality, and community building aims to make us synonymous with excellence. Expanding into Dubai and beyond, our vision is to craft lasting legacies, embodying the perfect fusion of luxury, convenience, and a strong sense of belonging. 


We strive to revolutionise urban living, designing spaces that go beyond the conventional. Committed to blending modern design and innovation, our homes are not just places to live but sanctuaries of comfort and inspiration. With a focus on excellence, community, and sustainability, we aspire to enhance lives, build connections, and make a lasting impact on the cities we call home. 

Management Team

Corporate Social

We embrace Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) as a cornerstone of our values. Rooted in a commitment to positive impact, we strive to contribute to societal well-
being through sustainable practices, community engagement, and ethical business conduct.


Embark on a rewarding career journey with ANAX Developments. Join a dynamic team committed to excellence and innovation. Explore exciting opportunities and send your resume to [email protected] to be part of our growing family.

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